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You might ask first, Why can I help you?  Great question!  I have been on this journey to love and be loved all of my life.  I thought that loving meant just giving…

Hmmm…I always thought it was selfish to receive on myself.  Sound familiar? I stressed out and was anxious constantly.  I ate sugary foods, did not sleep, and I was always the last on the list.  (or not even on it)  I took care of everyone but ME.  I spilled this low esteem over into my relationships and looked for love all in the wrong places. 

One day my body, mind, soul, heart just had ENOUGH.  I wanted more…I knew that a shift in my life was happening…a transformation. It was uncomfortable at first but I stuck with it.  I worked on me, and got out of toxic relationships. I started putting myself first.  Hey, you can not pour from an empty cup, right?  I forgave myself and took the time to just be.  I started to believe and started to feel I deserved.  A beautiful thing happened my friends…I started to truly LOVE myself..and then I loved myself MORE.

Relationships opened up…My passion is to show my clients anything is possible if you love.  Now I live my life with joy, happiness and LOVE.  There is no more room for fear. 

If you could wave that magic wand…what would you really want?

I believe I am here to help guide you to be the best version of YOU.
This is a journey, a call to action to start focusing on your Health and your Life.
As a Health Coach, I am a master of habit change, an advocate for living a healthy, happy lifestyle, a teacher of transformation and an accountability partner all in one.
I help my clients reach their ultimate goals.
Healthy Habits create Healthy Results!

You will get the tools you need so you can heal and move forward in your life. Small steps equal big results.
Health, Love and Relationships, Money, Career all are connected. If one thing is out of sync everything starts to falter. How we do one thing is usually how we do everything!
I believe in you, even when you might not. You will start believing you deserve to be healthy and happy. You are worthy of love…You are in the right place, a safe place. Take a deep breath, hold on because….TRANSFORMATION will be starting!

“Susan is an incredible coach When I started my journey I was holding onto fear and was in a place where I wore a mask of confidence, but deep down I was terrified of change.  With her guidance, kindness and accountability, I was able to transform to a place of real, deep rooted confidence.  She has guided me through the journey, held me accountable, and kept me honest about my progress.  Because of her coaching, I am now living a courageous, active life and not afraid anymore. ” 


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Clients under Susan Plumer achieve “habit change” via coaching. Susan does not diagnose or treat disease, prescribe medication, or perform the functions of clinical occupations. Always consult your doctor. Your health coach is happy to work with your physician’s guidance to best support your wellbeing.
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Love Looks Good On You

Are you ready to put yourself at the top of the list?
Love is what life is about and to be loved. We will bring more of what you want in and less of what does not serve you anymore. I will show you a different way. How you love yourself you teach others to…so just be YOU. Beautiful, quirky, funny and incredible you!
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