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February 12, 2018by susanplumer0

When I used to look in the mirror I just saw all my insecurities…my “something wrong”  as I would call them.  I barely looked in my eyes.  All the past stories in my life would come up in an instant.

I had no compassion for myself.  I told everyone else how beautiful they were.  My compassion for myself did not exist.  I was harder on myself than anyone in my life.  I did not like to look at myself in the mirror.  I did not like to see deep in those hazel eyes …If I did…I thought I would see fear? I thought I would see all the things I went through…but one day all that changed.
I slowly started to look at myself differently. I wanted something different.  I was tired. I started to take care of myself more.  I started to realize the small steps I was taking was actually big big moments.  I started to believe in that person staring back at me.  Who was this?  How did she get to this point?
I decided to forgive myself…forgive others.. not necessarily forget…but I wanted to heal..I wanted to be present in my life.  I wanted to help others feel better about themselves. I started to heal and by healing myself I can heal others.
Slowly I moved from fear…back to a warm place.  It was a safe place.  It was a beautiful place.  It was LOVE.  I felt love for myself, true sweet love…Just Love!
Look in the Mirror and what do you see?
To Your Health,
To Your Life,
To Love,

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