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March 12, 2018by susanplumer0

Ever notice that even good change, still brings to the surface anxiety and fear?  I have had much change lately.  I mean we all have throughout our lives, right?  Lately it is big time.  It is mostly beautiful sweet positive change.

Some of it is a little blurred.  I am moving to another state.  I have lived most of my life in the same area.  I have brought my three beautiful children up in a house that has been so good to all of us. Memories have
been mostly good…some not so good.  Overall it has been a warm and safe place.  Maybe I hid a little too much in my warm safe place.  I just know it felt good to get home at anytime.  What is it going to feel like when I do not have that same place?  Will my new place feel the same?  All old stories come back to the surface…
Others have their own stories…  I have to remember that every time I feel, I do not deserve… I do have a choice… I Do have power in life… I Do have the power and I will believe in myself! That is my new story!
My family does not want this change.  They did not ask for it….am I being selfish? I always took care of everybody and everything.  Maybe I am pushing things too far…or am I? Nobody likes a big change like this…it feels strange, uncomfortable…and not “right”.  It takes time for everyone to absorb the feelings that come up.  It is alright to feel it.  Nothing is wrong.  Just go with it, and trust …..we can move away from anger…fear and move towards love.  We can move away from
that dark place and move back to the light.  It does not take overnight.  It takes time.  We need to have patience …it is a process. We all go through this in our own way… I am going through all this now and realize this very moment I have been waiting for all my life.
I am still the same woman but I am not going to fear change anymore….I am going to embrace it and Love on it.
I am not saying I still do not have moments of doubt and fear…we all do!  I just am saying I will trust the process and trust the journey!
Hmmm…it is okay to feel uncomfortable!
Definitely in the right place.
Change is going to be good.
To Your Health,
To Your Life,
To Love,

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