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July 17, 2018by susanplumer0
I have been thinking in back of my mind since a child…
Why do I always feel like I don’t belong? It was just a feeling deep inside.  You know that place that just is there..a gut feeling..
Over the years it got in the forefront of my mind, but tried to push it back..  when I let it surface.
I knew I was not meant to be in NY
I was always drawn to warmth…inside and out..
Always cold 
I was a different person anywhere warm…hot..Yes Please…
Well life happened..
Had 3 beautiful kids
Worked worked worked. 
Hmm…Some relationships that did not work.
Everyone was first but me…
Well ya’ll like my new town speaks..
I’m finally moving
And it feels so right,
But also very very uncomfortable.
This was years in the making…
I know I have to get uncomfortable before I can move forward and heal.
When I heal…I help others around me heal too.
Well I’m on the journey of life…
Climb aboard and hold on..
It’s going to be ups downs turns and beautiful
Just Love
I’m your guide
Just reach out

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