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Some of you will have beautiful memories of the holidays.  Thanksgiving warm with family and friends.  Love all around you.  Just a beautiful day filled with laughter and eating and football perhaps…

Maybe Uncle Harry was a little crazy…Maybe there was some stress..but nothing too bad…Most of Your stories and memories were fond.

Now some of you will have not so lovely memories.  Maybe we came from broken homes.  It is always hard to divide our time and as little kids we just did not understand why it had to be this way…

Especially on Thanksgiving.  Some of us had family that had challenges and illness.  Some of us just did not have the warm and fuzzy memories and our stories were not so happy.

Now I would like to challenge all of us no matter what our stories were…

Today we can change our story for the better.  We have that choice now to make the story what we would like!



Now is YOUR chance to Love Your Story

Now is Your Time to Love Your Memory

I would love to hear from you and let me know what Your Memory or Story was..

and what would You like your New Ones to be…

Here’s To Your Health,

Here’s To Your Life,

Here’s to Love,

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