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Holidays! Some of you will have beautiful memories of the holidays.  Thanksgiving warm with family and friends.  Love all around you.  Just a beautiful day filled with laughter and eating and football perhaps… Maybe Uncle Harry was a little crazy…Maybe there was some stress..but nothing too bad…Most of Your stories and memories were fond. Now […]


I have been thinking in back of my mind since a child… Why do I always feel like I don’t belong? It was just a feeling deep inside.  You know that place that just is there..a gut feeling.. Over the years it got in the forefront of my mind, but tried to push it back..  […]


When I used to look in the mirror I just saw all my insecurities…my “something wrong”  as I would call them.  I barely looked in my eyes.  All the past stories in my life would come up in an instant. I had no compassion for myself.  I told everyone else how beautiful they were.  My […]


Music has always been such a big part of my life…Listening to records and just watching the record spin…was everything.  Holding the album cover and just imagining…Playing and singing felt so good. I loved to be silly and playful.  It really felt like music was part of my soul…It was an extension to every part […]

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Love Looks Good On You

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Love is what life is about and to be loved. We will bring more of what you want in and less of what does not serve you anymore. I will show you a different way. How you love yourself you teach others to…so just be YOU. Beautiful, quirky, funny and incredible you!
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